Hi, I'm Kathy-Ann Brown

your CARICOM-Endorsed Candidate for the ITLOS (2020 - 2029)


Dr. Kathy-Ann Brown  spent her formative years at a time when the Law of the Sea had  just begun to  evolve as a body of customs, treaties, and international agreements . This curious student would one day serve her beautiful country in several capacities linked to this  branch of international law, which she pursued passionately using the knowledge base and unique legal skills acquired over the course of her studies. She would eventually rise through the ranks to become the Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the International Seabed Authority (ISA), providing leadership on key legal questions related to ocean governance .  

A daughter of the Jamaican soil, Dr. Brown holds a PhD from the University of York, the focus of which was " the Common Heritage of Human Kind: The Status of the Deep Seabed - Legal and Political Realities". She is also a Graduate of the University of Cambridge and the University of the West Indies.  She was called to the Jamaica Bar in 1984.


Dr. Brown has 35 years of practical experience in International Law and, in particular, the Law of the Sea. She has been Jamaica's Lead Negotiator in maritime boundary delimitations since 2009, and has worked for many years in various international bodies, including the Commonwealth and ACP Secretariats.​

As an  experienced Professor of the Law of the Sea, Dr. Brown  effectively integrates her academic background with her practical  expertise, in a manner that informs  the perspective she brings to  legal  issues falling within her remit.  ​


As one of the Caribbean's foremost legal minds, Dr. Brown understands the unique perspective of Small Island Developing States to the interpretation and practice of the Law of the Sea, and seeks to strengthen and promote the rule of law in the world's oceans  through the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea, for the betterment of the global community. 

Dr. Brown’s candidacy reflects  a  commitment to ensure equitable representation of the principal legal systems of the world and balanced geographical distribution.   She would also bring greater gender balance to the tribunal, which remains a core commitment of the global community. ​

Dr. Brown  is the embodiment of  a competent, capable and experienced professional  who possesses the highest ethical and moral standards . 


Kathy-Ann Brown

 FOR ITLOS (2020- 2029) 

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